#DigibitVPN's OVPN Configs have been updated for all of our #Network & we have uploaded new certs for every one of our servers. 

We are continuing rolling out HUGE upgrades to all our #Worldwide locations offering bigger speeds & faster connections to all clients this has been a core focus for us over the last couple of months & our EU Locations are seeing 3X the speed throughput that they were before! We are working hard to give this to all our worldwide locations & we are very proud of the service over the past months! We also have Android & Windows updates to beta / release! Standby for news on our Blog & of course with us on Reddit / Twitter / Instagram & other locations.

We thought we would update the .ovpn files with the latest versions & ensuring speed throughput. So please if you are using one of our older .ovpn configs please update your config with one of our new server files! 

We hope you are all well out there, If you need anything at all please just reach out! 

Click Here to download new OpenVPN Configs


Lunedì, Febbraio 1, 2021

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