DigibitVPN is available as a native client for IOS / Android / Windows / MacOSX / Fire TV & More download here,  However in some cases users may prefer to use a third party VPN client capable of handling OpenVPN configs.

Sometimes its necessary for our clients to use OpenVPN Config files with an OpenVPN Client like “TunnelBlick” for mac or on a Network Router that supports OpenVPN. This is a simple process & can ensure privacy covering your entire network with ease.

There are roughly four steps to use a third party OpenVPN client to connect to DigibitVPN servers: 
A. Downloading and installing the OpenVPN client (There are many out there & this of course will depend on your device, As it may already have a built in client for you to load the .ovpn file into) 
 Getting DigibitVPN *.ovpn configuration files by Clicking here for them all or a specific server by Clicking Here
 Importing the configuration files and finally
D. Connect & Login

Note: Advanced features available in the DigibitVPN client such as Connection Profiles, the Network Kill switch protection, Auto connect & Split Tunnelling may not be available when using third party OpenVPN clients we would always recommend using our official apps where possible.

If you have any trouble with any of your setups, Our support team will be more than happy to help! We are available 24/7 365 days a year & will always do our best to help our clients regardless of your location or setup. Reach us via Live chat available here on the website on our social feeds like Twitter / Instagram & Reddit or of course you can Log a Ticket with our dedicated team at anytime. 

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