DigibitVPN Windows Beta Info:

We’re excited to introduce the final build of our public beta of DigibitVPN’s client for Windows. you will now notice the look & feel of the app has changed, you can now use Auto Connect, Favorites & Kill-Switch on windows with ease, The app is polished based from your feedback!

We sincerely hope that you can share your thoughts & feedback on the app with our teams over the coming weeks, the foundations of the app have been our focus over the last couple of months and moving on to updating windows was a core focus for us after we released our official Mac OSX Client earlier this year, please take a minute to remind yourself the look & feel of the app will change over the coming weeks before being published to our website & the windows store for installation. We want all of your feedback in the mean time & we want you to put the apps features through there paces on your device including the KillSwitch & AutoConnect while we polish the apps look & feel. We are also adding a Dark / Light theme to our Windows & Mac OSX applications in the coming weeks.

DigibitVPN Windows Download Link (NEW VERSION UPDATED 15/10/2020: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Please take a second to note places for you to discuss the beta & target your feedback for us to receive:

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/digibitvpn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DigibitVPN

Also, feel free to submit a ticket feedback to our support system (This will be the best place to directly discuss the app with our Development team directly)  https://client.digibit.tv

Hope you enjoy the beta release for windows, We are very excited to get this version out there for our clients on Windows OS updating our current client and adding in some new features was key, This allows us to take a step in a better direction & based on the feedback from our amazing community.

Best Regards,
The DigibitVPN  & DigibitUK Team

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