Custom Services

Products or Services we offer on a custom leve.

Web to APK (Android App)

Transform your website or web app into a fully licenced & published to PlayStore Android app. Tap into the huge market that in 2016 83% of mobile users browse via apps. not a browser.
Guaranteed publishing to the PlayStore & Whenever you make a change to your website or web app (EG Forum) your changes filter down to your App meaning no updates going forward.
- Custom Logo
- Custom Name
- Custom Splash
- No Ads
- Push Notifications supported
- Published Free to the GooglePlay Store
One time fee applies. Will take up to 48hours to Generate app & publish to playstore.

Website Development
Dedicated Server & IP Leasing 4 Disponibilă

10TB @ Gigabit
IPv4 Subnet /24 - £140/mo x 2.