Stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup for Free (Fully Legal)

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow is just around the corner! You might be tempted to try streaming through some sketchy site, but anyone who’s ever tried it before will tell you that those kind of streams are notoriously unreliable. The amount of viewers this event attracts are enough to make almost any streaming site buffer.

Luckily there is a solution! If you prepare in advance and signup for a VPN, you should have no problem accessing 2018 FIFA World Cup streams for free. By connecting to international TV broadcasters’ official web sites using a VPN, you’ll be granted access to reliable streams normally reserved for those within a specific country.

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Using a VPN, you can make yourself appear to be located anywhere in the world. With the click of a button, you can automatically reroute your internet traffic through your country of choice. Most VPN providers offer exit servers in at least a dozen countries. For the small cost of VPN service, you can access geoblocked content from anywhere!

And it doesn’t end with the football… Most TV stations around the world broadcast their shows online for free, except they lock them so that they’re only accessible to locals. Expats can watch TV from back home, and your parents can watch TV from the Old Country – wherever that may be.

Last but certainly not least, a VPN will allow you to maintain your right to privacy! Without a VPNevery site you visit tracks you. Even worse, without a VPN, your ISP keeps logs of every site you visit. We lookup the most intimate things online, secrets that are worth protecting, Not only that but you would be surprised how much is blocked across the world – Having a VPN unblocks them sources wether thats for kodi or other services. You will see a HUGE improvement. – Have a read of the features of our VPN service by clicking here. 

Example of this is if your a USA user & have access to DigibitVPN – You could connect to one of our many UK servers & Access every game of the worldcup for FREE via BBC Iplayer & ITV Player.

This gives a true solution to avoid paying subscription charges & still enjoy HD streams for free via our VPN.  Likewise for many other countries – Connect to the country of choice & access the streams via there free services.

What channel is the FIFA World Cup on?

So how can you actually watch the World Cup? Well, if you’re looking for English commentary, there are two main sources: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer hosts a wide selection of on-demand content, as well as 24/7 live streams of its ten main TV channels. The BBC will be the exclusive provider of at least 25 World Cup games in the UK, all of which will be shown on BBC One. Each of these games will be available in HD, with subtitles available.

It should be noted that while the iPlayer allows you to change language, this only impacts the user interface, not the videos themselves.

In case you’d prefer to watch via a home media center, there is an official Kodi addon for this streaming service.


itv hub

ITV have the rights to broadcast around half (23 confirmed, more to be added as the tournament progresses) of the World Cup 2018 matches. This means you can watch every game using a combination of ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer.

While the ITV television channel offers the option of subtitles, the ITV Hub online streaming service does not.

It’s worth noting that although most games will be shown on the ITV channel, some are ITV4-exclusive. This is important because Scottish users will be redirected to the STV Hub, which doesn’t offer an ITV4 stream. As such, you’ll have to make sure you connect to a server in England or Wales.

2018 World Cup: When are the games scheduled for?

World Cup 2018 – Group stage game split

Date Match Kick Off (BST) Location Broadcaster
14th June Russia v Saudi Arabia 16:00 Moscow – Luzniki Stadium ITV
15th June Egypt v Uruguay 13:00 Ekaterinbrug Arena BBC
15th June Morocco v Iran 16:00 St Petersburg – SP Stadium ITV
15th June Portugal v Spain 19:00 Sochi – Fisht Stadium BBC
16th June France v Australia 11:00 Kazan – Kazan Arena BBC
16th June Argentina v Iceland 14:00 Moscow – Spartak Stadium ITV
16th June Peru v Denmark 17:00 Saransk – Mordovia Stadium BBC
16th June Croatia v Nigeria 20:00 Kalingrad – Kalingrad Stadium ITV
17th June Costa Rica v Serbia 13:00 Samara – Samara Arena ITV
17th June Germany v Mexico 16:00 Moscow – Luzniki Stadium BBC
17th June Brazil v Switzerland 19:00 Rostov – Rosov Arena ITV
18th June Sweden v South Korea 13:00 Nizhny Novgorod – NN Stadium ITV
18th June Belgium v Panama 16:00 Sochi – Fisht Stadium BBC
18th June Tunisia v England 19:00 Volgograd – Volgograd Arena BBC
19th June Colombia v Japan 13:00 Saransk – Mordovia Stadium BBC
19th June Poland v Senegal 16:00 Moscow – Spartak Stadium ITV
19th June Russia v Egypt 19:00 Saint Petersburg – SP Stadium BBC
20th June Portugal v Morocco 13:00 Moscow – Luzniki Stadium BBC
20th June Uruguay v Saudi Arabia 16:00 Rostov – Rosov Arena BBC
20th June Iran v Spain 19:00 Kazan – Kazan Arena ITV
21st June Denmark v Australia 13:00 Samara – Samara Arena ITV
21st June France v Peru 16:00 Ekaterinbrug Arena ITV
21st June Argentina v Croatia 19:00 Nizhny Novgorod – NN Stadium BBC
22nd June Brazil v Costa Rica 13:00 Saint Petersburg – SP Stadium ITV
22nd June Nigeria v Iceland 16:00 Volgograd – Volgograd Arena BBC
22nd June Serbia v Switzerland 19:00 Kalingrad – Kalingrad Stadium BBC
23rd June Belgium v Tunisia 13:00 Moscow – Spartak Stadium BBC
23rd June South Korea v Mexico 16:00 Rostov – Rosov Arena ITV
23rd June Germany v Sweden 19:00 Sochi – Fisht Stadium ITV
24th June England v Panama 13:00 Nizhny Novgorod – NN Stadium BBC
24th June Japan v Senegal 16:00 Ekaterinbrug Arena BBC
24th June Poland v Colombia 19:00 Kazan – Kazan Arena ITV
25th June Uruguay v Russia 15:00 Samara – Samara Arena ITV
25th June Saudi Arabia v Egypt 15:00 Volgograd – Volgograd Arena ITV
25th June Spain v Morocco 19:00 Kalingrad – Kalingrad Stadium BBC
25th June Iran v Portugal 19:00 Saransk – Mordovia Stadium BBC
26th June Denmark v France 15:00 Moscow – Luzniki Stadium ITV
26th June Australia v Peru 15:00 Sochi – Fisht Stadium ITV
26th June Iceland v Croatia 19:00 Rostov – Rosov Arena BBC
26th June Argentina v Nigeria 19:00 Saint Petersburg – SP Stadium BBC
27th June South Korea v Germany 15:00 Kazan – Kazan Arena BBC
27th June Mexico v Sweden 15:00 Ekaterinbrug Arena BBC
27th June Serbia v Brazil 19:00 Moscow – Spartak Stadium ITV
27th June Switzerland v Costa Rica 19:00 Nizhny Novgorod – NN Stadium ITV
28th June Senegal v Colombia 15:00 Samara – Samara Arena BBC
28th June Japan v Poland 15:00 Volgograd – Volgograd Arena BBC
28th June England v Belgium 19:00 Kalingrad – Kalingrad Stadium ITV

Round of 16

June 30: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D (Kazan Arena, Kazan)
June 30: A1 v B2 (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi)
July 1: B1 v A2 (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow)
July 1: D1 v C2 (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod)
July 2: E1 v F2 (Samara Arena, Samara)
July 2: G1 v H2 (Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don)
July 3: F1 v E2 (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg)
July 3: H1 v G2 (Otkrytie Arena, Moscow)


July 6: Winner R16 1 v Winner R16 2 (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod)
July 6: Winner R16 5 v Winner R16 6 (Kazan Arena, Kazan)
July 7: Winner R16 7 v Winner R16 8 (Samara Arena, Samara)
July 7: Winner R16 3 v Winner R16 4 (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi)


July 10: Winner QF1 v Winner QF 2 (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg)
July 11: Winner QF3 v Winner QF 4 (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow)


July 15: Winner SF1 v Winner SF 2 (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow)

Who are you hoping will win & will you be watching via DigibitVPN? 

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