We never stop improving our mobile apps to offer you the best VPN experience out there. As for our Android app, those of you installed via Google Play Store / Android TV Store or Amazon Fire TV Store may have spotted our update a few days ago. The recent update for the Android app includes improvements and important changes we want to tell you about.

DigibitVPN 6.2 (Whats New)

  •  To split tunnel or not to split tunnel, that is the question. Now you can select apps you don’t want to run through the encrypted VPN connection or apps that you specifically DO want to push through the VPN.

What is it?

Allows you to select which installed applications access the Internet over the DigibitVPN tunnel, and which ones do not, and connect to the Internet directly through your local Wifi / Mobile connection.

This feature is currently only available in our Android apps. Coming soon to Windows, Mac and Linux. Stay tuned!

Why should I care?

Some applications like banking apps may not work if you’re using them while connected to a VPN. Instead of shutting off your VPN, you can exclude them from the VPN tunnel. This goes for local things like NAS or Network Devices / TV Remote Apps / Netflix / Betting Apps & many many more use cases.

What are the advantages of split tunneling?

The key advantage of using VPN split tunneling features is the ability to manage your digital life better. There are probably some apps or websites that you want to protect with advanced encryption protocols. For others, you may need an IP in a different country. With split tunneling, you can secure your sensitive traffic, and allow apps or sites that don’t need VPN coverage to connect straight to the internet.

How do we enable App Wall “split tunneling” on DigibitVPN

Follow the steps below to enable split tunneling in DigibitVPN for Android:

1.  Click on the hamburger menu (Three Lines) from the DigibitVPN Home screen.

2. Select “App Wall” from the menu

2. Here to can specify apps either way IE to ONLY go through the VPN or to Not go through the VPN.

3. Connect back to your server of choice & enjoy secure browsing.

Hope you enjoy the official release of DigibitVPN on android & Please let us know your thoughts!

Best Regards,
The DigibitVPN  & DigibitUK Team

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