Well, it’s happening. The UK is about to introduce restrictions on watching pornography online and it’s going to be something the world has never seen before. In order to access porn, UK residents will be required to prove they’re eighteen or over. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s real and it’s happening in the near future, so people should prepare.

What is the UK Porn Ban?

This automatic block, or as most of the people say — porn ban, was introduced under the Digital Economy Act 2017. What’s the purpose of this? The government thinks that porn is damaging the children and finally it needs to stop, so these restrictions should prevent children from seeing inappropriate content. When this ban takes place, internet users in the country won’t be able to access adult images and videos without proving they are over eighteen first, and the age verification process won’t be that simple.

There is still confusion about how exactly it will work, but it definitely won’t be just about ticking the box or simply typing your age in. One of the solutions that the government suggested is buying cards from a newsagent, this way the seller would confirm your identity before giving you the card. Another solution could be uploading ID identification documents into the site’s database. For example, Mindgeek (the company that owns Pornhub and YouPorn) has created a system called AgeID. From now on, users that want to enter those sites will need to register through the system, confirm their email and then choose an age verification option from 3rd party providers: Mobile SMS, Credit Card, Passport or Driving License. After all the information is submitted, users will get a notification if the account is verified and if they can enter the site. It’s a long procedure in which you’ll need to give out your personal information. Do you really want that?

The ban officially is being described as a restriction for younger people (kids under eighteen), but in fact, it will affect everyone who’s watching porn from time to time as people will have to prove they’re not underaged. This is what is worrying all the privacy lovers, people are not willing to give up their personal information just to prove their age, so internet freedom and privacy online are now in danger.

When does the Porn Ban start?

You’re probably interested when will this porn ban start? It’s not far off, the government said that it starts from July 15, 2019. So from this date, those trying to access any porn site from the UK IP address will be asked to provide information that they are over eighteen. However, the date is not strict, the websites will be given time to prepare their systems but after the implementation period, there will be random checkups to see if websites aren’t breaking any laws.

Is there a way to bypass the Porn Ban?

Everyone understands that these new ‘rules’ will be a disaster for user privacy, so people started searching for a way to bypass it. The block isn’t unbeatable, actually, it’s not even that hard to get around it as no technical knowledge is needed. The ban applies to people who’re trying to access porn sites from the UK IP, so changing your IP would solve the problem, right? That’s when VPNs come in hand. With VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can change your IP, so it looks like you’re trying to access the site from a completely different location. Then the block doesn’t even apply to you! Searches of VPNs on Google tripled when the news about the block went viral. People are searching for the most reliable service for bypassing this law. So what’s the answer? Well its easy! Grab our security & privacy focused DigibitVPN with 20% off now & start protecting your data / traffic online!

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So the Porn Ban is almost here. If you want to remain anonymous while browsing the porn world — be prepared, don’t let the whole porn industry know your personal information.

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