Here at DigibitVPN, our team is working hard to help expand our global server networks! You asked for it and we delivered!

We have officially added new servers located in Ireland, as requested by YOU!  These have been  optimized to ensure top security & the fastest speeds possible. Stay tuned for updates on these new additions with us here & of course on Twitter / Instagram / Reddit.

These new servers are a huge milestone for DigibitVPN, and we’re proud to share the news as our community all around the world will now be able to have an even closer reach to our network of secure servers.

But Wait! There’s more..  This is not our only new location! Watch out on our BLOG for more articles & of course on our social profiles too!

We need your thoughts and input too, what other servers would you like to see in the near future?  Your feedback is crucial to our growing network — we’d love to hear from you.

You can sign up for DigibitVPN by clicking HERE to avoid  blocks and ensure privacy and security online!

True privacy shouldn’t break the bank! This is our right! So grab a 20% discount on our VPN with promo code “NOLIMITS” meaning you can sign up NOW for £2pm. 

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