We are so excited to announce that the DigibitVPN Mac OS Beta is now available to our whole community.

DigibitVPN Mac OS Beta Info:

We sincerely hope that you can share your thoughts & feedback on the app with our teams over the coming weeks, The foundations of the app have been our focus over the last couple of months & while you are testing & using the app our teams can finish off the UI(Design) of the app & make changes based on your feedback, So please take a minute to remind yourself the look & feel of the app will change over the coming weeks before being published to the Mac OS Store for installation. We want all of your feedback in the mean time & we want you to put the apps features through there paces on your device including the KillSwitch & AutoConnect while we polish the apps look & feel.

(Update: A new download has been added to this article on October 2nd – users of older versions please update to this version)



We truly do want your feedback both good & bad, So please take a second to note places for you to discuss the beta & target your feedback for us to recieve:

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/digibitvpn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DigibitVPN

Also, feel free to submit a ticket feedback to our support system (This will be the best place to directly discuss the app with our Development team directly)  https://client.digibit.tv

Notice*: If you Alpha tested this app please update to the above version. 

Hope you enjoy the official release of DigibitVPN on MacOS for beta testing & Please let us know your thoughts!

Best Regards,
The DigibitVPN  & DigibitUK Team

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