Download our official IOS updated app NOW from the Apple App Store & iTunes Store worldwide on iPhone & iPad.

We are proud to announce our official iPhone App has updated & released globally on the App & iTunes store. Using our VPN for iPhone and iPad, you can now access our entire server network on your IOS devices with ease! Taking advantage of features like auto connect & favorites we are super excited to announce its release! – Some of you have been waiting quite some time for this update!

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Meet the easiest iOS VPN app:

Go private in a blink, Simply tap to connect, and the iOS app will secure your connection! We are super proud to release this version! Some of you have been waiting quite a while for it! Easy to start,
Easy to use. Our iOS VPN app is so user-friendly and intuitive that you can secure your data & forget about it! Need help? Contact our customer care directly on our live chat or on Twitter / Our support system – at any time, with any question. With the VPN on your iPhone, you can have secure access to entertainment sites, messaging apps, and social media platforms at any place, at any time no matter what you are streaming or reading!

Stay safe, go fast:

Security shouldn’t slow you down. Use our iOS VPN and keep your connection fast and stable, with lightning-fast DigibitVPN technology that will ensure true privacy! Browse without bandwidth limits!

When you’re using your iPhone, we won’t put artificial speed caps on your VPN connection no matter how much you stream, play, or download.

Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi:

Connecting your iPhone to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks is risky. Our iOS users can outrun snoops with a secure VPN connection.

Enjoy privacy anywhere:

What you do online is your business. Simply activate our iOS VPN on your iPhone or other Apple device and start browsing in privacy accessible world wide there really are no limits!

Advanced features just a tap away:

Kill Switch: If you’re using our VPN on your iOS devices, you can rely on the Kill Switch to make sure your sensitive data will never be exposed — not even for a moment.

Auto Connect: Using our VPN’s auto connect feature you can set a favorite server (or if toggled will use last connected server) and set & forget, Meaning on boot your device will auto connect

Let us know what you think of our official IOS release! Feedback is key to us here at DigibitVPN & we are always working to improve our networks.

Best Regards,
The DigibitVPN  & DigibitUK Team

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