The Internet’s Best Black Friday VPN Deal

Hoping to find a good VPN deal on Black Friday? Good news: DigibitVPN is going on sale this weekend!

If you’re looking for a great gift for your friends and family this holiday season, look no further than our Black Friday VPN sale, which begins for black Friday! From November 29th to Devember 3rd we’re offering deals of up to 50 percent off on our plans.

With our Black Friday deal, you and your loved ones can enjoy safe and secure browsing, Streaming and shopping through the holidays – and beyond!

Read ahead to find out more about the unique benefits of a DigibitVPN membership.

In 2019, Black Friday starts on November 29th and most of the deals will be available for a few more days until Cyber Monday (December 2nd), which makes it one of the largest shopping events of the year.

Be aware that while you’ll be hunting for the best bargains, cybercriminals will be setting various traps to access your credit card details and other sensitive information they can profit from. Identity theft and phishing scams are the most common crimes during these types of events as many Internet users still don’t recognize fraudulent emails and keep clicking on dangerous links. Have a read of our Black Friday Shopping Tips & Ensure your safe online this holiday season!

There have been too many cases where online shoppers were tricked into believing that they were entering their credit card details on a secure online store while in reality, they were providing this information to cybercriminals. So before going after those amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, take care of your online security:

  • Use only ‘https’ protected sites for payments;
  • Avoid free unsecured Wi-Fi spots;
  • Create strong passwords for your accounts;
  • Learn how to recognize phishing scams;
  • Get a reliable VPN service
  • Double check the websites review’s your buying from! Be safe not sorry.

A VPN is by far the most effective way of protecting your online communications. DigibitVPN changes your IP address and secures all the data you share over the Internet with strong encryption protecting your private information from snoopers and hackers. This way you can securely shop online, even on public Wi-Fi.

Get DigibitVPN BlackFriday Discount:

To take advantage of our great black friday 50% discount just enter “BlackFriday19” as the PromoCode this will entitle you to your first month at £1.25 a HUGE 50% off & Even after month one your still going to get 20% off & it will go to the monthly price of £2.00 until you cancel (This deal applies to new orders ONLY & only valid Friday – Tuesday, but existing users can also take advantage of this offer if they are taking out a second account for someone)

This gives you a great introductory offer to checkout DigibitVPN & test it throughout the month, Remember if you need any help just reach out to our Support team! We are always here to help.


Other DigibitVPN benefits you may like:

  • Military-grade security protocols
  • Unlimited traffic & bandwidth
  • Unlimited Installs
  • Split Tunneling (App Wall)
  • KillSwitch
  • Auto Connect
  • Servers Optimized for speeds & security
  • Choose from our ever-growing Locations & Servers to connect to
  • Strict no logs policy – we don’t log your information no matter what you Stream or Download.
  • Open Access to Geo Blocked content from outside your country.
  • Connect up to 6 devices under one account
  • Apps for all major operating systems & Support for pretty much any Device.
  • 24/7 friendly customer support

Explore more DigibitVPN features here. 

Grab 50% off DigibitVPN right now with PromoCode “blackfriday19” this will entitle you to 50% off your first month at £1.25 & from there month after at £2.00/month which is still 20% discounted from our standard pricing! Not bad right? What are you waiting for! Sign Up Now

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The DigibitVPN  & DigibitUK Team

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