When the Premier League gained a High Court Injunction to block Kodi and IPTV live football streaming last year, “Premier League IPTV VPN” immediately became one of the internet’s most popular search terms.  With the UK’s leading ISPs forced once again to block live streaming – DigibitVPN has the solution to this problem!

You should never use an IPTV or Kodi service to stream Premier League matches without using a VPN.

Premier League IPTV VPN Router

The Premier League has obtained a Piracy Blocking Order order from Justice Arnold for the 2018/19 EPL season. With the details shrouded in secrecy it is expected interest in “Premier League IPTV VPN” will once again intensify at rapid pace as the new football season begins. Have a read of our article covering this a couple of months ago.

⚽ English Premier League 2018/19
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Beat ISP Blocks with Premier League IPTV VPN…

TorrentFreak & DigibitUK have reported that leading UK ISPs including Sky, Virgin Media, BT, EE, TalkTalk and Plusnet will be legally required to block Premier League 2018/19 live pirate football streaming on Kodi and IPTV once again but this time they are being much more aggressive with this.

We guarantee that using DigibitVPN will ensure you are not subjected to these blocks…

A Premier League IPTV VPN is an essential companion for your video streaming device that not only protects your data end to end it also allows you to access sources / sites / streams & content that is usually blocked by UK isp’s & ISP’s worldwide, regardless of whether you are a football fan or not!, even free-to-air IPTV streams are blocked during the times (Saturday 3pm kick-offs) that the Premier League High Court Order forces the UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to block illegal streams; accessible on Kodi and IPTV devices including Amazon FireTV, MAG Box, Zgemma, Android Box etc.

Is your IPTV service blocked during Premier League matches?

Many IPTV providers will find their service is blocked to UK Internet users at times when Premier League football is shown.  IPTV providers who advertise, “No VPN Required” may well be running VPN on their own services to ensure the service is not subject to the blocks – these VPNs tend to be single servers and don’t offer the scalability of a bonafide VPN company; with encryption to protect your privacy and a load balanced tier 2 network to ensure consistently high speed and zero buffering.


The extended Premier League High Court Injunction impacts BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media; meaning that all customers of these providers attempting to watch live ‘pirate’ Premier League football on Kodi and IPTV devices may suddenly be subjected to blocks. There are no published consequences for users who are blocked but it will mean they cannot watch the football stream they tuned in for and would be blocked from even the non-football channels on their IPTV or Kodi service.

How to get around Premier League IPTV Blocks with DigibitVPN
  • Get an encrypted VPN from us here at DigibitVPN (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP)
  • Ensure you are connected while watching IPTV / KODI so on
  • Enjoy your streams

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